Club Service

Chair-Avijit Mitra

One of the most integral aspect for the sustainability of Rotary,  globally. A directed and smooth functioning of Club Service Committee will ensure a more vibrant, connected and sustainable Club. We would want to focus on the following

Hold a Club Officers Training Seminar before July 31st 2019 and invite DDG, AG & ZS.

Hold a Rotary Family Day for our club

Clear all RI, RNT and district dues by August 2019, and RI dues of 1 Jan by February 2020

Publish a regular club bulletin

Attempt to have at least 2 projects in GML

Host or co-host a district programme

Publish an updated Club Constitution & Bye Laws to the club within August 2019



Membership Chair-Udayan Sen

Rotary thrives on the vibrant members that it has. For, the last 114 years, these members of Rotary have taken Rotary to the level of Trust, Service and the Image that it enjoys. This Family needs to keep growing. Our focus area in 2019-20 will be on the following

Induct a lady member

Hold a proper induction ceremony for new members

Net membership growth of 10%

Hold a new member orientation programme

Have at least two members to attend RLI

Public Image

Chair-Debasish Bhaumik

We have been a part of a great institution, Rotary international, a Vibrant and a Visible Organization. It is now in our hands to expand thin vibrancy and visibility of Rotary in our Community. Public Image Management is a critical area and we will strive to contribute our bit

Any media coverage of a club project or activity

Any project coverage in Rotary News

Initiative for an innovative public image enhancement program

At least 4 visible Pubic Image initiative in social media

A media covered Fund Raising Event


The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation Chair -R K Singh

The Rotary Foundaton has been the cornerstone of the Rotary Movement Globally. The Foundation has boon supporting various projects and it is in our best interest that we contribute and sustain the Foundation. Rotary Club of Cossipore will be focusing on the following

Club or member contributes $ 500 for Annual Giving

Club participates in Connect-5 programme

Club contributes $ 200 to Polio Fund

Club partners with any cub for Global Grant

Club conducts global grant project during the year


Service Projects

Chair- Debosree Derma Kar

Probably the most important reason, why the community puts us and Rotary in high esteem. Service Projects have been the driving force for this Movement Every year Rotary Club of Cosspore engages in various service projects and this year, we intend to continue the same and include some focus projects of the District

Participate in at least 1 Centennial Project

Observe World Polio Day on 24 October

Observe United Nations' 75th anniversary with any activity or project, either singly or jointly with other clubs, on any day of the year. (UN Foundation Day is also on 24 October).

A project under any of the Six Areas of Focus

Distribute Rotarian Code of Conduct to club mernbers Host or co-host RYLA

Any project which provides livelihood to at least2 persons

A Vocational Awards program, for at least2 awardees